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XTAR VI01 USB Current/Voltage Detector

XTAR VI01 USB Current/Voltage Detector

XTAR VI01 - Easy to use USB Compact LCD Detector showing Voltage and Current from a USB Power Source (AC Adapter, PC Port, etc) and to a USB device.

Measures the output voltage and power from a USB source eg. Power Bank or USB charger output.
Measures the power consumption of a plugged in USB Device.  
LCD display shows the voltage and current updating/alternating every 5 seconds.
Display Precision is +/- 0.02v / +/- 0.02a 
Size: 64.5mm x 21mm x 14.5mm (2.54" x .83" x .57")

Insert VI01 into USB port of the Power Bank/Output device - the LCD will display the no-load voltage and current of the USB port.
Then connect the USB/mobile device into the VI01 USB port - and LCD will display the load voltage and load current of the device plugged into the port.

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