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Customer Feedback & Testimonials
How many merchants publish the feedback/rating made by customers, and, tell you who they are, and where they are located? We do.
We're illuminationGear a Small Family Owned Business, located in Rockledge, Florida USA! 

GOOGLE & AMAZON Merchant Rating for illuminationGear is = 5 Stars!

below are a sampling of UNSOLICITED Customer Testimonials:
  • After a couple emails back and forth with illuminationGear, I asked them if they had a place I could post a review. Why? Because they are that knowledgeable, that thorough, that professional, that awesome. From my very first question to the more detailed ones later, Tod has helped me find the very best tools to meet my needs. I have to say: my experience with IG sets the bar that I should be holding my own business to(!). I'm never buying a light anywhere else, and neither should you. Straight up. Wes C. APR 23 2015
  • I have purchased 2 eagletac flashlights from you guys.  The first one I loved but I believe was stolen out of my unlocked vehicle. So what do I do? I order another from illuminationgear. And I love that one too. I had some trouble with it after 3 months and your customer service took it back fixed it and returned it to me with in 3 days. It's been a month now and is working flawless. I will always buy eagletac and always from  Thank you for being a true caring, honest and customer orientated business. Steve S. MAR 30 2014
  • Thanks for the very fast service, I don't buy over the web because of poor service in past. Glad I took a shot here, unbelievably fast service. Prices cant be beat. You now have a long time customer. Order on Wednesday, received Friday afternoon. Thanks DAVID G. NOV 22 2013
  • Your company has the best service hands down! Great customer service, fast shipping and I even received a free replacement lens for my eagle tac free of charge. I will be a customer of yours for life! Lary V. OCT 25 2013
  • Thank you, once gain, for some terrific advice. That is indeed a very high level of customer service you provide. Chris R. JUL 6 2013
  • You guys have a new customer for life. Thanks for everything! Rich L. MAR 27 2013
  • I want to Thank You all for the great work you have done. Great service and great company! I have told all my friends about your company and looking forward on doing more business with you on future purchases. keep up with the great work. you guys are awesome! James T MAR 9 2013
  • Quick order processing and shipping as promised...Replies to email on Sunday...Updates after hours......Outstanding customer service!!! This has been my best online buying experience to date!I work in a service industry where we live or die by customer service so I appreciate how you have handled my order. I will definitely buy from you again and I will tell others about illuminationGear! By LB - FEB 25, 2012
  • your company hands down, has the fastest free shipping I have EVER experienced. Your prices were also fantastic. I WILL ABSOLUTELY be doing business with you again, and be recommending you to all my friends. It's been a pleasure and my module arrived %100 intact and perfect.
  • I am completely satisfied. By A very happy customer MM - JUL 19, 2011 
  • I literally make a living helping small and medium sized businesses get up and profitable on the web. I don't usually write letters to businesses, with everything I have seen it takes a lot to impress me. Today I stand impressed. Excellent communication, excellent turnaround on paperwork via email and frankly, beyond excellent in order fulfillment time! Then you put the cherry on top when I opened the package and found the keychain light inside. Something extra with no fanfare, just a nice thank you... and that's perfect.
  • Tod, it's pretty rare when I give an "A" to a web buying experience, I'm a hard grader because it's what I do for a living and my standards are pretty high. This week, however, you just earned the first "A+" I have given to any business all year! Simply outstanding.
  • I will certainly be sending all my friends to your site from here on because I just love it when my friends are treated well.
  • Keep up the great work and do yourself a favor- keep doing sales on the web, you have a genuine knack for it.
  • Thank you again for a great buying experience! By TK - Sept 22, 2010
  • Thank you very much for your great customer service!! Your the best dealer I have dealt with in my profession!!
  • By Capt. S. B., Command Duty Officer, LARGE Sheriffs Office - Apr 12, 2010
  • I wanted to thank you for your great service. I liked your website the best and you were the only one to carry the item, have good pictures of it and allow me to order accessories as I needed them in a simple process. I look forward to ordering from you again. By SamN - Dec 7, 2009
  • Service was excellent. I was very satisfied. By WilliamK - Nov 25, 2009
  • You are really good at what you do. This has to be one of the best sales experiences I have ever had. By Fr. JohnB - Nov 1, 2009
  • thank you for everything,your my contact for up and coming purchases.thanks todd YOUR VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER By NarindraM - Sep 24, 2009