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18650 2600mAh EagTac Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery

18650 2600mAh EagTac Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery

NEWEST 2020* version EagTac~EagleTac 18650 2600mAh 9.6Wh Li-Ion Rechargeable
EagTac takes the best li-ion batteries in the world, and adds a TRUE button top and a PCB PROTECTION circuit for a complete package. 

IC PROTECTED Rechargeable Cell (takes the place of 2-123 cells in some applications)
(4.2V hot off charger)
- Uses 2600mAh cell.
- WITH protrude top button!
- Measures approx 68.5mm in height and 18.5mm in width
- IC protected for a) over-charge 4.3v, b) over-discharge 2.5v, c) short circuit, d) current overflow of 10A+
- True protrude/BUTTON top design, fits all flashlights
- High discharge rate 10A+
- Nominal voltage: 3.6v, charge up to 4.2V, use CC/CV charger to charge
- Reinforced steel plate bottom, highly efficient protective PCB Top Anode design
- Packaged in individual box and anti-static bag

*NEWEST 2020 model:
Brass button top contact with PTC/Protection circuitry now at "top" of battery (with steel plate used at bottom for added durability).  
By moving PTC to top ~ reduced stresses are placed on the IC components for increased reliability. This design also creates shorter battery length, and no metal strip running along side of body for safer use ~ narrower width. All internal connection is made using pure nickel for better conductivity.

Every 2nd 18650 battery in order includes a FREE 18650 Battery Protective Case! 

These are Tested/Pre-Charged prior to shipping by iG - 
Don't want your batteries Tested/Charged?  No Problem - let us know on your order!