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EagTac MX25L2 R44 6500mAh Battery Pack

EagTac MX25L2 R44 6500mAh Battery Pack

NEW build ~ March 2021
EagTac~EagleTac MX25L2/MX25L2-T/MX25L2-C ~
the new 2021 build has 8% more mAh capacity (longer runtime), and new protection circuit design which charges and keeps the 2 internal cells in balance/matched for better performance and maximum safety.

Replacement/Spare MX25L2 / MX25L2-T / MX25L2-C R44 7.4v 6500mAh Battery Pack (charges to 8.4v)

(NOTE: This is NOT the 2x32650 3.7v (charges to 4.2v) MX30L2 series battery pack)

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