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16650 2500mAh EagTac Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery

16650 2500mAh EagTac Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery

NEW version NOV 2020 EagTac 16650 2500mAh (similar/better fitment as 16670/17650/17670) 3.6-4.2v Rechargeable Li-ion Cell. (2x123 Size) Gives 56% longer runtimes compared to 1600mAh 17650 battery, in a slightly smaller size/better fitting battery!

An AWESOME GOOD choice and THE best rechargeable solution for replacing 2xCR123's!
(And best solution for those concerned about using 2x mismatched CR123's!)

IC PROTECTED Rechargeable 16650 Cell uses newest and best LiNiCoAlO2 fit's all 2xCR123 hosts!
(takes the place of 2-CR123 cells in many applications and offers double the amperage rating of CR123's)
- Measures 68mm in height (+/-0.1mm) and 16.6mm in width
- IC protected for a) over-charge, b) over-discharge, c) short circuit, d) current overflow of 5A+
- True protrude top design, fits all flashlights
- Safety Vent with thermal cut-off protection

- 2500mAh Capacity
High discharge rate, with over-flow protection 5A+
- Nominal voltage: 3.6v, charge up to 4.2V, use CC/CV charger to charge
- Reinforced steel plate bottom, highly efficient protective PCB design
- Packaged in individual box and anti-static bag
- Weight 40.2 grams

These are Tested/Pre-Charged prior to shipping by iG
Don't want your batteries Tested?  No Problem - let us know on your order!