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18350 1300mAh EagTac IMR LiMn Rechargeable Battery

18350 1300mAh EagTac IMR LiMn Rechargeable Battery

EagTac IMR 18350 1300mAh Protected 3.6-4.2v Rechargeable Cell (approx 1/2 length of 18650)
Button Top
~ highest capacity 18350 battery on the market ~ recharges in a standard Li-ion Charger, and functions in devices requiring a button top.

not currently intended for use in the EagTac DX3B Mini and DX3B Mini Pro Models ~ as these will not fit v1 DX3B without some modifications.
(if your DX3B has a spring contact at head ~ this will NOT work)

approx. 18.3mm x 37.6mm,
(Note: the longer length of this high capacity & protected battery may cause fitment issues in many devices)

4.8Wh 15C High Drain Hybrid Battery.

PROtected ~ IMR LiMn Chemistry (Safer Chemistry)
High Discharge Rate 10A+

1300mAh Rechargeable Cell
(4.2V hot off charger)

These are Tested/Pre-Charged prior to shipping by iG -
Don't want your batteries Tested/Charged?  No Problem - let us know on your order!