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EagTac M Series Glass Lens Filter

EagTac M Series Glass Lens Filter

EagTac GLASS Thread-on Lens... 

Available in D.Y.R.G.B. Lens (DIFFUSER, YELLOW, RED, or GREEN) (M series BLUE is no longer manufactured or available from factory)

Remove Stainless Steel threaded Bezel Ring, and replace with thread on lens filter of choice.
(Note: light must have "Kit" version bezel with removable SS bezel ring in order to thread Lens filter onto)

Available sizes for all T G S M Series EagTac/EagleTac Lights.
T series
T200C2, T20C2, TX25C & TX25C2 (w/ Bezel KIT), and T25C2.
G series
 G25C2 and GX25L2 KIT and GX30A3D
S series GX25L2 Turbo KIT, S200C2, SX25A6 KIT, SX25L2 KIT, SX30A6D and SX25L3 KIT
M series SX25L2 Turbo, MX25L2, MX25L3, MX25L4, M25C2, M30LC2, MX30L3 and MX30L4XC

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