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EAGTAC MX25L2-C - 3,445 Lumens TRIPLE XP-L HI LED Rechargeable Light

(Please Note: Virtually all of our Flashlight Models have several LED choices to select from... please click "LED Choice" on the right side of this page to see what LED is available for this Model)

LED Lumen: 3,445
ANSI Lumen: 2,606
Center LUX: 87,500

Four brightness levels (Regular mode)
Led lumen: 3,445*-2,790 / 1,650 / 381 / 27
Runtime: 1.3 / 3.2 / 16 / 200+ hours (R44 Battery)

Two brightness levels (Tactical mode)
Led lumen: 3,445*-2,790 / 720 / Strobe I / Strobe II
Runtime: 1.3/ 8.5 hours (R44 Battery)

These lights offer BUILT-IN CC/CV Li-ion Charger (Constant Current/Constant Voltage charging method) and replaceable-rechargeable High Output/High Capacity Li-ion battery pack with AC or DC cords for rechargeability.

Head Dia. 2.4 inches (62 mm)
Body Dia. 1.4 inches (37 mm)
Length: 9.1 inches (232 mm)
Weight: 23.2 ounces (659 grams)

Battery Type
1pc ET 2x32650 ("D" Size) 6000mAh/44.4Wh Li-ion battery pack (Included in Kit) - 
IC protected, prevents over-charge, over-discharge, short circuit

Charging circuit - C2000SWII
Highly efficient buck switch
Accepts input from 10V to 12V
Compatible with 12V automobile DC socket
Constant current and constant voltage charging method
Fast charge to 35% in one hour (R44)
Three hours safety timer w/ charging indicator.

Only use the integrated built-in charging socket to charge the original EAGTAC 7.4V battery pack. Charging unbalanced third party 7.4V 32650 battery pack, two individual 3.7V 32650 cells, or non-rechargeable batteries may result in battery or flashlight damage. 

For backup power use (rechargeable models), you can purchase additional EAGTAC 7.4V battery pack. You can also use two individual 32650 batteries (w/ protection board is highly recommended), but keep in mind that you should not charge any non EAGTAC 7.4V battery pack with the integrated charger.

MX25L2C flashlight
Spare o-rings
User Manual 
Spare waterproof charging cap
Rechargeable 6000mAh/44.4Wh 7.4V Li-ion battery pack
12v Car Charger adapter

MX25L2-C KIT: (in addition to above)
Stainless Steel Bezel
ET54II Diffuser filter w/ flip cover (YRGB w/ flip cover also available as option)
Rigid Nylon Holster w/ self-retention device
UL/PSE certified 18w wall charger (10v 1.8a)

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