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EagTac Overview (EagleTac renamed to EagTac 9 years ago)

EagTac Overview (EagleTac renamed to EagTac 9 years ago)

The ultimate in illumination-Gear ~ EagTac-USA. EAGTAC-EagleTac-SporTac Official Authorized USA Dealer~Distributor - since 2009!

We stock the widest range of EagleTac/EagTac models, LED choices, and accessories of any EAGTAC Dealer on the PLANET!

EAGTAC-EagleTac-SporTac ( designs and produces precision tactical flashlights commonly used by professionals, law enforcement, search and rescue teams and the military. EagleTac produces EAGTAC flashlights of widely varying sizes, power outputs, and battery sources. 

All EagTac LED flashlights include technology advanced features such as electronically-controlled output regulation circuitry for consistent high output, and highly efficient multiple level brightness output control.

"EagTac warrant their flashlights to be free from defects in workmanship and materials. They will repair, replace at their option, without charging any product or part which is found to be defective under normal use within 120 months from the date of purchase with the proof of purchase."

The default product sorting is:
Battery Size
 (AAA, AA, CR123, 18650), Number of Battery (1, 2, more), and smallest light to largest light.

The "Series" is based on head diameter
 of light (
"D" is smallest, up to "M" series which is largest).

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