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EagTac S Series Flip Lens Filter

EagTac S Series Flip Lens Filter

EagTac Lightweight Plastic Flip Cover, and Heat Resistant Plastic Lens... 

Available in D.Y.R.G.B. Lens (DIFFUSER, YELLOW, RED, GREEN, or BLUE)

slip on design for all head types (flat bezel or threaded bezel), flips open, snaps shut.

Available sizes for all T G S M Series EagTac/EagleTac Lights.
T series 1.3" T200C2, T20C2, TX25C & TX25C2, T25C2, TX3 products
G series 1.5"-1.6" G25C2 and GX25L2, GX25A3, GX30A3D, G3 products
S series 1.8"-1.9" S200C2, SX25A6, SX25L2 KIT, SX30A6D, SX25L3 KIT, SX3 products
M series 2.4"-2.5" GX25L2 Turbo, SX25L2 Turbo, MX25L2, MX25L3, MX25L4, M25C2, M30LC2, MX30L3, MX30L4XC, MX3 products

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