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EagTac T Series Glass Lens Filter

EagTac T Series Glass Lens Filter

EagTac GLASS thread-on Lens... 
Available in D.Y.R.G.B. Lens (DIFFUSER, YELLOW, RED, GREEN, or BLUE)

Remove Stainless Steel threaded Bezel Ring, and replace with thread on lens filter of choice.
(Note: light must have "Kit" version bezel with removable SS bezel ring in order to thread Lens filter onto)
(TX25C2 requires optional larger diameter threaded-bezel)

Available sizes for all T G S M Series EagTac/EagleTac Lights.
T series T200C2, T20C2, TX25C & TX25C2 (w/ Bezel KIT), T25C2, TX3G, etc.
G series G25C2 and GX25L2 KIT and GX30A3D
S series GX25L2 Turbo KIT, S200C2, SX25A6 KIT, SX25L2 KIT, SX30A6D and SX25L3 KIT
M series SX25L2 Turbo, MX25L2, MX25L3, MX25L4, M25C2, M30LC2, MX30L3 and MX30L4XC

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