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EagTac Rubber Tactical Tailcap / TS Cover

EagTac Rubber Tactical Tailcap / TS Cover

EagTac Rubber Tactical Switch Cover / "Crown",
helpful accessory for LEO/Military users to minimize chance of accidental switch activation.
"Tail Stand"

Sold individually and available in two sizes/for:
P~series/D25LC2/D25LC2-T and other approx. .85" Diameter Tailcaps.
and other approx. 1" Diameter Tailcaps.

(NOTE: The lanyard attachment ring ~ if applicable ~ will need to be removed/not used in order to install this accessory)
Also Note: For safety reasons, when Tail Standing ~ the light should not be left unattended, as light can easily topple over.

DO NOT RUN LIGHT AT MAX OUTPUT when Tail Standing. Handheld lights are designed to be handheld ~ for maximum heat extraction/cooling ~ using high output handheld light set to max output as a "lantern" can damage the LED, Circuitry, and Battery...