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EagTac Rubber Tactical Tailcap Cover

EagTac Rubber Tactical Tailcap Cover

EagTac Rubber Tactical Switch Cover/"Crown", helpful accessory for LEO/Military users to minimize chance of accidental light activation.
aka "Tail Stand Rubber Boot" accessory.
(NOTE: The lanyard attachment ring will need to be removed/not used in order to install this accessory)

Available in two sizes/for:
and other approx. 1" Diameter Tailcaps, or
P~series/D25LC2-T and other approx. .85" Diameter Tailcaps.

Note: For safety reasons, when Tail Standing ~ the light should not be left unattended, as light can easily topple over.
also DO NOT RUN LIGHT AT MAX OUTPUT when Tail Standing. Handheld lights are designed to be handheld ~ for maximum heat extraction/cooling ~ using high output handheld light set to max output as a "lantern" can damage the LED, Circuitry and Battery...