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XTAR MC3 Li-ion Intelligent Charger

XTAR MC3 Li-ion Intelligent Charger

XTAR MC3 - USB Compact/Travel Li-ion Intelligent Charger - automatically charges 3.6v/3.7v batteries at up to 3,000*mAh. Just insert your Li-ion Battery into the charger and MC3 will take care of the rest. 2Ax1/1.5Ax2/1Ax3
(*charging rate is determined by input ~ e.g. 3.0amp USB is required for 3amp charging)

Intelligent 3-bay battery USB powered Li-ion Charger for 1 to 3 pcs 10440~21700 Size Li-ion Batteries (any size Li-ion between 10440 and 26500).

Auto detect battery and charging current
0v activation
Low Heat Control
Short Circuit Protection
Blue LED indicator

Input: DC 5V 3,000mA (Micro USB)

USB power: Standard USB charging interface
Optional AC power: 100-240V 50/60Hz 
Optional DC power: 12VDC Automotive

NOTE: Li-Ion cells can be hazardous - never leave charging cells unattended, and remove cells from charger once charging cycle has finished!

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